BCARA is a certifying body for organic food producers in BC – especially the Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast BC. It is a member of the government approved Certified Organic Association of B.C., and has played a key role in the development of organic standards, practices and certification processes in British Columbia. The certified organic checkmark now provides wholesalers, retailers and consumers with a reliable assurance that BC organic food products have been produced in an environmentally sustainable and healthy manner.

In addition to certifying and inspecting organic farms in the region, BCARA also works to implement production standards among members in areas such as record-keeping, treatment of animals, product labeling, and the use of regulated and prohibited materials in organic farming.

BCARA is also a network for the exchange of ideas and practices among the certified organic producers in the Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast Regions. It stresses sound soil management, environmental sensitivity, research, development and adoption of products and methods useful in organic agriculture, and the production of healthy food.